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FunghiClear® - Nail Spray with Manuka Oil - 3 fl / 88.7ml

FunghiClear® - Nail Spray with Manuka Oil - 3 fl / 88.7ml

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COMBATTING UGLY TOENAILS - Formulated with 100% natural and organic Manuka oil from New Zealand. Manuka oil is known to combat and prevent brittle and discolored toenails. The Mauri culture has traditionally used Manuka as a natural remedy. Manuka oil is increasingly recognised by science for its antimicrobial properties.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS - The sophisticated blend of 100% essential oils include premium quality MANUKA OIL with over 25% Beta-Triketone levels. In addition FunghiClear® contains BASILICUM OIL, MENTHA-PIPERITA OIL and LAVENDER OIL.

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN - FunghiClear® nail spray with Manuka is scientifically proven to combat and prevent brittle and discolored toenails and support health growth. It is being recommended by foot health professionals worldwide. It can be used on its own or alongside other popular toenail treatments.

EASY TO APPLY - Thanks to its unique upside-down spray FunghiClear® makes it easy to spray your toenails even when it is difficult to reach your feet. There is no need to feel embarrassed using FunghiClear®. With the fresh spring scent and colorful packaging you easily make it part of your daily routine.

SAFE TO USE - As a cosmetic product FunghiClear® is safe to use on a daily basis. There is no concern for interaction with other medication or any significant side effects. In the rare case irritation does occur, simply wash with water and stop using FunghiClear®. Do avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of young children.

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