More about FunghiClear™

What is FunghiClear™

FunghiClear is an antifungal spray with unique characteristics. The products has been developed with the patient in mind and is composed of only natural active ingredients, such as Manuka oil. The spray helps to bring the skin of the foot in a favorable condition and attacks and prevents fungal infections of the foot and toenail such as “athlete’s foot” and Onychomycoses.

What is Manuka oil

Manuka oil is an essential oil that is being harvested from the Manuka tree which is found in Australia and in New Zealand. This tree is related to the Melaleuca Alternifolia from which Tea Tree oil is being produced.

FunghiClear™ does not have any effect on the microbiome of the skin and nails of the foot, and research shows that the fungal growth inhibiting properties of Manuka oil are very strong. Aso, Manuka oil has a very pleasant smell.

​This extract is the basis for FunghiClear™, and can be very helpful for the cosmetic and medicinal treatment of problems of the feet such as: psoriasis, eczema, warts, fungal infections, diabetic feet, etc.

 Manuka Mentha-Piperita Lavandula Basilicum

Function FunghiClear™

Manuka oil, Mentha-Piperita oil, Basilicum oil, and Lavendula oil are the four main ingredients of FunghiClear. Every natural ingredient is chosen very carefully, with their unique properties.

Anti-parasitic Manuka oil
Antiseptic Manuka, Basilicum oil
Immune boosting
Manuka, Basil, Mentha Piperita oil
Pain relieving
Manuka, Basil, Mentha Piperita oil
Manuka, Basil, Mentha Piperita, Lavendula oil
Improving skin condition Lavandula-oil, Vitamin E

Using FunghiClear™

Dry feet and nails before application. Pray the infected skin and/ or nails twice a day, preferably in the morning when waking up or in the evening when going to bed. When using together with a medicinal cream: first use FunghiClear and let it absorb, before applying the cream. For a great and long-lasting effect, it’s important to continue the daily routine for at least three months after the symptoms are gone. The total period may vary from person to person and might take a year.


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