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FunghiClear® is a nail spray with unique characteristics. The products has been developed with the patient in mind and is composed of essential oil such as Manuka oil. The spray helps to combat and prevent brittle and discolored toenails and support healthy growth.

Brittle and discolored toenails (often caused by toenail fungus) can cause unsightly and sometimes painful conditions. Luckily there are remedies available on the market today such as FunghiClear®, a nail spray with Manuka oil that supports healthy growth.

FunghiClear® is made of a number of natural ingredients. The most important of which is New Zealand Manuka oil. This oil is renowned for it's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a powerful tool in the fight for healthy toenails.

In addition to Manuka oil FunghiClear® contains other essential oils that can help to sooth and nourish your feet. For example Basel oil is a natural anti sceptic while Mentha-Piperita oil has a refreshing and cooling effect. Lastly Lavender oil has a calming effect and provides a pleasant scent.

Perhaps most importantly FunghiClear® is free from Tea Tree oil which is known to irritate the skin, cause further inflammation and has a bad smell. 

How to use FunghiClear®

In terms of how to use FunghiClear® the process is straight forward. Simply spray FunghiClear® twice a day on your toenails. Making sure to cover the entire nail bed. It will absorb and dry within one or two minutes providing deep and effect nail treatment.

Overall FunghiClear® is safe, highly effective and easy-to-use treatment to combat brittle and discolored toenails. It's natural ingredients, powerful formula and inclusion of New Zealand Manuka oil make it a must try for anyone looking to regrow their healthy toenails back.

Dry your feet and toenails. Apply FunghiClear® on the effected toenails twice a day, preferably in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. When using together with a medicinal cream, first let FunghiClear® dry before applying the cream. For the optimal effect it is important to continue this daily routine for as long as it takes to regrow a healthy toenail. This period may vary from person to person and take up to a year.

Please note that the FunghiClear® Manuka nail spray works upside down which make it easy to apply even if it is hard to reach your toenails.

FunghiClear®: the natural, effective choice

What makes FunghiClear® different from chemical and prescription products that treat toenail fungus? FunghiClear® is a treatment to combat and prevent brittle and discolored toenails and to support healthy growth. It works by creating the ideal environment for your ugly toenail to grow out and regrowing a healthy toenail. A healthy nail is your best defence against ugly toenails reoccurring.

The essential oils in FunghiClear® have proven anti-fungal, anti-sceptic and anti-bacterial properties. Compared to other toenail products FunghiClear® does not contain harsh chemicals such as Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide which can be damaging to the toenail or skin. It offers a natural and gentle approach to combat ugly toenails without causing known/significant side effects.

FunghiClear® is not a medicine, it can be used safely for as long as it takes to regrow a healthy nail. This can be anywhere between 3 to 12 months. FunghiClear®'s natural ingredients gentle approach and focus addressing the root cause of brittle and discolored toenails makes it a unique and effective treatment option. 

The natural ingredients in FunghiClear®

Manuka oil, Mentha-Piperita oil, Basilicum oil, and Lavendula oil are the four main ingredients of FunghiClear. Every natural ingredient is chosen very carefully for it's unique properties.

Anti-parasitic Manuka oil
Antiseptic Manuka, Basilicum oil
Immune boosting
Manuka, Basil, Mentha Piperita oil
Pain relieving
Manuka, Basil, Mentha Piperita oil
Manuka, Basil, Mentha Piperita, Lavendula oil
Improving skin condition Lavandula-oil, Vitamin E


FunghiClear® is available online at and various retails stores nationwide.

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